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Sector's Edge is a first person shooter for PC with a completely destructible environment.

Game servers are currently running in Chicago, London, Tokyo and Sydney. We are happy to set up servers that are closer to your region.


This game has been in early access for 1.5 years and is developed by two brothers in Australia.

Built from the ground up using OpenGL and C#, the game has been optimised to run on older computers, as well as offering lighting and other post-processing effects for higher-end rigs.


The game is currently in early access and offers:

  • Three maps
  • Salvage, Team Deathmatch and Infection game modes
  • 15 weapons
  • 4 special equipment
  • 8 modifications (perks)
  • Preset loadout system for quick switching between weapon/special/perk combinations
  • Ironsights, red dot, holo, 2X scope and 4X scope for most weapons
  • Four unlockable character skins with customisable visor and hair colours


We have an official Discord server for feedback, discussion and matchmaking available here.


Interesting in following development? We post on the following websites:

Development log